IPA Attended the Kompasiana Nangkring with SKK Migas


[JAKARTA] Puluhan blogger yang tergabung dalam Kompasiana menghadiri acara Nangkring bertajuk “Ada Apa dengan Investasi Hulu Migas?”, bersama Satuan Kerja Khusus Pelaksana Kegiatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas (SKK Migas), di Jakarta, Jumat 26 Agustus 2016. Hadir sebagai narasumber pada acara tersebut di antaranya Kepala Bagian Hubungan Masyarakat SKK Migas, Taslim Z. Yunus, dan Executive Director Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA), Marjolijn Wajong.


IPA Environment and Safety Professionals Gathering


This event is to facilitate networking of Environment & Safety professionals in our industry especially among IPA members companies and to socialize the role of IPA Environment & Safety Committee in supporting the Oil and Gas business in Indonesia.


38th IPA Convention and Exhibition - Best Booth

The 38th IPA Convention and Exhibition, held on 21-23 May 2014, attracted 20,372 visitors, including 3,600 convention participants during the three-day event, exceeding last years record. From year to year, we have always had the Best Booth Contest as part of the IPA Exhibition. However, improvements in judging criteria have been made for better selection process and we have been assisted by three independent judges, working and reviewing the booths, the score of which were accumulated from 20 May, one day before the exhibition until the very closing hour of the third day, 23 May 2014. Two judges came from M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions) background, one is an architecture lecturer:


38th IPA Convention and Exhibition - Technical Program Committee Best Paper / Poster Awards



38th IPA Convention & Exhibition - Writing & Photo Competition Winner

Writing Competition Winner


New IPA Publication Now Available: The Sedimentary Geology of JAVA by Peter Lunt

The Sedimentary Geology of Java

The study draws on published information, field observations and petroleum exploration well data from throughout the region to correlate the very diverse litho-facies, from coaly deltas to bathyal clays, limestones to volcaniclastics. It tries to explain why the stratigraphy of onshore Java contrasts so strongly with well explored basins in the Java Sea. More


Certain, clear and consistent regulatory framework key to O and G industry growth

Second day of the 37th IPA Convention and Exhibition further emphasized the importance of enabling business climate as a prerequisite to developing the industry.


Streamlined Bureaucracy Will Encourage Further Investment in Exploration in the Oil and Gas Industry

Clarity, consistency and certainty in government regulations are the keys to encourage the oil and gas industry to increase its investment in Indonesia, especially in exploration. The government has taken steps towards improving this, but further actions need to be taken to establish a conducive business climate for growth.


A Time for a New Paradigm and Real Actions to Revive Indonesias Oil and Gas Industry

The third and final day concluded the discussions that happened over the three-day event. There was a great reminder of the changing dynamics both globally and in Indonesia, including the recognition that Indonesia's oil production is in decline and that real actions must be done to tackle this issue should Indonesia want to realize its oil and gas potential.


IPA to Hold Convention and Exhibition

Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) will hold its 37th convention and exhibition to increase oil and gas investments, to meet the oil and gas demand in the country.